UiPath Apps

The UiPath Apps Guide

5 May 2021


  • Apps are deployed in additional regions - Australia, Canada, and Japan. For more information on the regions and instances, refer here
  • One of the most anticipated and frequently requested features of 'Moving Apps between Organizations' is available. This allows the user to move the app between different accounts without re-binding the process arguments one by one. For more information refer to Replace a process referenced in App
  • Ability to add Groups to App permissions in addition to users. For more information on Groups, refer here
  • Published date which is shown in App tile in App landing page is displayed based on user browser settings, to avoid confusion on the date format.

Fixed Bugs

  • Flickering of Invalid bindings error while adding a process in Rules builder
  • Date being recognized as Object instead of date type
  • Very first run of the app, doesn't pass input parameters to the process
  • Auto-save failure in App studio in certain situations
  • Tables with 100% width doesn't show process results

Updated about a month ago

May 2021

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