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14 December 2020

UiPath Apps General Availability

UiPath Apps is a cloud-based low-code application development platform that enables you to build and share enterprise-grade custom applications.

  • Using UiPath Apps, you can quickly build custom business applications that connect to data in any underlying cloud or on-premises system using the power of automation.
  • The Apps built together with UiPath App Studio provide rich controls for data access and update as well as conditional logic for complex business needs.
  • The underlying UiPath RPA platform provides advanced workflow and business logic capabilities to automate your entire end to end business process.

Key Benefits

  • You have access to a centralized list containing all applications in one single place. Furthermore, you can easily run an application or share it with other users within your organization.
  • You can design your own custom applications in an easy and efficient manner by using UiPath Studio. A variety of rich controls enable you to configure complex rules and connect to any RPA process through Orchestrator.
  • Once built, your application can be published and made available to anyone in your organization with a single click.
  • Attended and Unattended Robots, Apps can aggregate and update business data from multiple systems in real-time. Robots connect to any system through our rich set of Activities (Excel, SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and more) as well as legacy applications, mainframe applications, and VDIs.
  • Apps can be designed to run in multiple form factors such as a full-page console, a sidebar, or any other size for either desktop or mobile devices.
  • The applications can run seamlessly from any device since they are run from a browser.
  • Applications can be wrapped in the Electron framework or other technologies to provide a desktop application experience.


Creating the App

  1. Build your apps using customizable and bindable Controls.
  2. Add multiple Pages and Processes.
  3. Customize the interactions within your app through Events and Rules.
  4. Preview your application before publishing it or during the building process, and Publish it.

Importing the App

By using the Importing option you can import into the platform an app from a file. Furthermore, to standardize your apps you can use the available templates.

Importing a Process from Orchestrator

Connect an app to an RPA automation or and use it as a front end to provide inputs to the process, or as a visual canvas to display outputs to your users.


Available Resources:

The Apps User Guide contains both the product's features as well as specific use cases and how-to scenarios.
:page-facing-up: The downloadable Apps Tutorial Sample Process.
:video-camera: The UiPath Apps Tutorial.

Release highlights

App Errors & Troubleshooting

The ability to identify and fix errors in the app. You can read more about that from here

Orchestrator Process Integration

The ability for users to manually create process arguments reference in Processes page in Apps

Undo, Redo Capability in Canvas

App creators can undo and redo the changes made in the app using keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Z (Undo) and Ctrl + Y ( Redo). The scope of Undo/Redo is at a page level and not at the app level.

Multiple Languages Support

App studio now supports 3 more languages ( German, Japanese, and French) in addition to English. Users can switch to their preferred language using the language switcher available in the profile icon at the top of the left navigation bar.

Multi-Geo Support

UiPath Apps is currently deployed in 2 regions (the US and Europe). Apps get deployed in the same region as that of automation cloud service when the customer signs up.

Updated Landing Page

The landing page is updated with the App tutorial, sample process download, the Apps Introduction video, and the app's documentation link.

Audit Capability

User actions like App Create, App Delete, User Addition, User Deletion, etc., are captured as part of the Audit. Organization admins can gain access to their audit records by reaching out to the UiPath Support team. This capability is applicable only for Enterprise customers.

Known Issues

  • Moving of containers in container layout and resizing them cannot be Undone or Redone ( Undo/Redo)
  • App variable binding to a process argument doesn’t work across pages when hosted on a page container.
  • If a rule has multiple invalid bindings, clearing the invalid binding of one, clears the error in the tree view.
  • Invalid binding in an imported App will not show all at once.
  • The Error icon that is shown in the tree view for Invalid binding in the Page container doesn’t clear out once the invalid binding is cleared. It requires a page refresh.
  • Sometimes, when the user previews the app, they see an error dialog - “UiPath Assistant: 500 - Robot Service down”
    1. Restart the system (If this doesn't fix, then do the subsequent steps).
    2. Go to task manager → details. Locate uipath.robotjs.userhost.exe and uipath.service.userhost.exe, kill both.
    3. Wait for these to come up and running, automatically.
    4. If not, go to Task Scheduler and services, to start relevant processes.
    5. Now app (robotjs - App connects to attended automation through robots) should be able to recognize UiPath Assistant.
  • Search in Rules builder is inconsistent. The search may not return the desired results in some cases. For better results, please search for the complete control or properties name.
  • On certain occasions, the date passed from Apps to RPA processes sends the previous date of the date selected. This is due to the local time to GMT conversion.

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