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August 2021

26 August 2021

What’s New

:1234: Expressions Public Preview

We are very excited to announce that expressions are now in Public Preview.
Expressions are comprised of several operations allowing you to transform, modify, and compute the data within an app in order to return an output result.
During the public preview, expressions can be enabled on a per-app basis. Once enabled, expressions cannot be disabled. To enable expressions for your app:

  1. Navigate to your app settings by clicking the ⚙ icon next to your app name in the tree view.
  2. Toggle the Expressions switch at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Ok in the confirmation dialog. After clicking Ok, the homepage will be displayed. You can just go back to your app and expressions will be enabled.

For more information, see About Expressions.
For more information on how to use expressions, see Using Expression.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, the table control was flickering in some situations. This is not fixed and the table control is stable.
  • Previously, the date picker as a process input did not work properly. This is now fixed and you can use date picker as a process input in your app as needed.

2 August 2021

What’s New


:globe-with-meridians: New localization languages

The options for Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, and Turkish are now available for localizing the interface and communications for your organization.
For more information on how you can change the language and where it applies, see Localization.

:question: Confirmation dialog for deleting a page or a process

For a safer experience, a dialog confirmation box is displayed when deleting a page or a process in an app.

:bookmark-tabs: Configuring table columns

To improve the user experience, you can now configure table columns and reorder them. To do so, simply drag and drop the columns in the needed order.

:1234: Value changed event improvement

Value change event should be triggered when the value is changed by the user. Previously, the value change event was triggered if the control was bound with an app variable, even when there was no value change.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, In Replace process dialog, the refresh button did not refresh the latest list of processes in the folders. This is now fixed and the processes are being displayed after refresh
  • Previously, when adding a quote or apostrophe in a process name could lead to errors. This is now fixed and you can add a quote or apostrophe character in the process name.
  • Previously, unattended automation was not rendering output on certain occasions. This is now fixed and unattended automation renders output as expected.
  • Previously, the undo and redo functionalities for controls did not work. This is now fixed and you can use both functionalities.

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August 2021

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