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This page contains general information about the company and the current pricing plan.

Company Details

The Company Details area includes:

  • the Account Owner's name and email address,
  • the Company Name - non-editable field,
  • the tenant URL - non-editable field,
  • the Company Logo - which can be updated by the Account Owner.


The Licenses section displays information about the tenant's active pricing plan such as:

  • Current Plan;
  • Subscription Expiration Date.
Tip: Check below to find out what happens to your data after the Automation Hub license expires.

What happens when the license expires?

There are actually two possible cases here:
  • If the license is a Trial one (of any kind).
  • If the license is an Enterprise one (of any kind).
In both cases, when the license expires it gets demoted to Community, which means:
  • Only one tenant will remain enabled (if multiple were created).
  • Only services that are available in Community will be available on that tenant.
What about the data?
  • When the service is disabled, the Automation Hub data isn't accessible for you but it isn't deleted.
  • The retention policy is 90 days and only after this period has passed (before license expiration) the queue for data deletion starts.
What if you want to regain access or export the data?
There are two ways:
  • If you renew your contract with Automation Hub (prolong the license/extend the trial) - you just need to re-enable the service after the license has been updated.
  • If you don't renew your contract but still want the data - you can request a data dump via a support ticket.

Available Actions

The Account Owner can also access the feature to:


A support ticket must be raised if there is a need for a change request as:

  • Account owner change
  • URL change
  • Other changes in the tenant (changing company name displayed in Automation Hub, etc.)
  • Company Details
  • Licenses
  • Available Actions

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