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The UiPath Automation Suite Guide


Release date: 7 December 2021

What’s new


Great news for early Automation Suite adopters. If you have already installed version 2021.10.0, you can now upgrade to 2021.10.1 to enjoy an overall improved user experience while using Automation Suite. See Upgrading Automation Suite for detailed instructions.


You can now control the resilience to zonal failures in a multi-node environment using a new cluster_config.json parameter: zone_resilience. For more details, see Optional: Enabling resilience to zonal failures in a multi-node cluster.


SMTP configuration now supports anonymous access. The SMTP Username and SMTP Password fields are no longer mandatory when configuring system email notifications.



The Insights Designer User license is no longer available in the Allocate License for panel (Host portal > Organizations > Allocate Organization Licenses). Also, a banner appears at the top of the Admin > Licenses page in Automation Suite if you have a host-allocated license which includes UiPath Insights, indicating that you should activate the license at the organization level.

Password policy

We have made the following changes to host-level security settings, available in the host portal:

  • We now allow the value of the Minimum password length field to be within the range from 1 to 256. Previously, the maximum allowed value was 14.
  • We now allow the value of the Days before password expiration field to be within the range from 0 to 1000. Previously, the maximum allowed value was 120.

Recovering from lockout

As a system administrator, if you disable basic authentication and do not have a directory account to use for logging in, you can lock yourself out.

If this happens, you can now run a script to re-enable basic authentication. See Re-enabling basic authentication for details.


Export your Automation Suite metrics to an external system by configuring the Prometheus remote_write feature. Learn how from our documentation.

Bug fixes

  • Prevent the node zone from being labeled as default by including the <metadata server address> in the no_proxy IP lists. Node zone was being labeled as default for nodes configured in different zones. Read our Advanced installation experience and Configuring the machines (multi-nodes and single nodes) documentation for more information.

  • Trying to resize the PVC resulted in an error if the attached pod was created in an agent node. We have fixed the issue.

Breaking change

Although correctly added as part of configuring the Active Directory integration, the Kerberos keytab secret (global.userInputs.identity.krb5KeytabSecret) is lost after upgrading to this version.
Following upgrade, please add your keytab secret again so that it is properly saved.

This issue was fixed in patch 2021.10.4.


Bundling details

To find out what has changed on each Automation Suite component, visit the following links.
If the component is greyed out, this new Automation Suite version does not bring any changes to it.

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