UiPath Task Mining

The UiPath Task Mining Guide


14 November 2022

:gift: What's New

  • Added a new Role-based access control (RBAC) system.
  • New Significant Tasks filter is available on Discovery Results.
  • Now you can highlight the steps from a trace made with a specific application.

:arrow-up: Improvements

  • Improved the process flow of inviting users to record.
  • Enhanced UiPath AI Center usage.
  • Projects can now choose to start recording, even if all users haven't accepted the invite.
  • On the Team tab, the button name changed from Start All to Start recording.

:wrench: Fixed Bugs

  • Email notification service wasn't supporting password-free SMTP configuration.
  • Sorting tasks in tabular view by selecting the bookmark sort column was showing incorrect results.

Updated 21 days ago


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