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Release date: 14 November 2022

What’s New

New interface

This release brings a new interface, improving the user experience. This interface also brings a few new buttons, such as Undo and Redo.


Container input validation

We introduced an isValid property for the Container control. In this case, this property applies to all controls part of the container.
For more information on this, check the Container validation page.

Document Viewer control

You can now render a document and display it inline in UiPath Apps. This feature is useful in certain scenarios, such as displaying an invoice document or a receipt from UiPath Action Center.
For more information, see the Document Viewer page.

New textbox controls

Two new textbox controls are available with this release:

  • Textbox (Email) - You can use this textbox to type in emails, and configure allowed or blocked domains.
  • Textbox (Number) - You can use this textbox to type in numbers, and configure the minimum and maximum value of allowed numbers.

For more information, check the Textbox (Email) and Textbox (Number) pages.

Rich Text Editor control

You can now add the Rich Text Editor control to your app, allowing users to compose rich text straight from the app. For more information on this, see the Rich Text Editor page.


Reset Values Rule

A new rule, Reset Values is now available. You can use this rule to revert a control to a default value, or clear it if a default value is not configured.
For more information, see Rule: Reset Values.

Default width and height for input controls

The default width and height properties for input controls has been updated as follows:
The following controls now have a 32-pixel height:

  • Textbox
  • Dropdown
  • File Picker
  • Date Picker

The following controls now have an 88-pixel height:

  • Text Area
  • Multiselect dropdown

The following controls now have a 256-pixel width:

  • Text Box
  • Text Area
  • Dropdown
  • Slider
  • Multiselect dropdown
  • Date Picker

Entity file field support

You can upload files to Data Service using Apps. You can also view or download files from Data Service. For more information on how to use this feature, see the following pages:

Label font

You can now change the font family of the label and input text separately for controls.


You can now select multiple controls at once in order to edit common properties. You can do this by holding down CTRL and clicking the needed controls.


Version history

The version history is now improved and you can now revert to a previous version of the app, add a comment when publishing a new version, or download the app file for any version.
For more information on this, check the Managing app versions page.


  • The Reference field is now added to the Add to Queue rule. You can use this field if you have the Enforce unique references set for a queue. For more information on how to use queues in Apps, see the following guides:
  • Page containers now have an auto-scroll feature. This means that if the whole content cannot be displayed in the container, a scroll bar is now available.
  • The Dropdown control now has search functionality. You can now search for values in the dropdown.
  • We improved the Assign role functionality. You can now add multiple users at the same time from the Manage access tab.
  • The toast pop-up notification now has a different color depending on whether you have the dark theme or light theme activated in design time.

Known Issues

  • Some segments within the Configure rule page are not properly translated if switching to a different language than English.
  • The number of errors is not displayed properly in case of errors related to rules.
  • If you have an app with multiple versions and a high resolution, the Version History panel is not using the entire space as expected.
  • Some menus and dialog boxes are not displayed correctly when dark theme is enabled. In these cases, both light and dark themes are mixed. For example, a textbox background may be black when using dark theme.
  • Additional properties are displayed in the General properties tab of the File Picker control.
  • When using images, labels, or headers with variable height and width inside a Custom List control, a flickering issue is observed. To fix this, use a consistent height and width for the Image, Header, and Label controls.

You can get started immediately with Apps. Sign up for an Enterprise Server Trial on UiPath by filling out the trial form. The trial email to be received soon after has a new section that contains a license file download URL and a link to documentation.
For information about hardware and software requirements, see this page.

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