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Last updated Apr 22, 2024

November 2023

9 November 2023

What's New

In this release of UiPath Automation Ops, some interesting new features, improvements, and bug fixes are included. Among the most important ones, the following can be mentioned:

Source Control General Availablility

UiPath Source Control is now out of the preview state and generally available. This means you can take full advantage of the functionality to view code changes of your automations from either UiPath Automation Cloud, or external providers (GitHub and Azure Repos - preview).

New Code Repository Integrations

Automation projects stored in Azure Repos (preview) are now available as new integrations within Source Control. The organization administrator is also able to see all UiPath Cloud projects created in Studio Web.

Package Source in Manage Feeds

Links to the automation source code and Automation Hub idea are now available among the existing package details. This feature works better when Automation Ops - Source Control is connected to the source control provider of the automation projects. In this scenario, you have access to the exact version of the source code the automation was built from.

Access Control

A more granular way of providing access to Automation Ops has been implemented. This way, you can allow only certain users to modify connections and other settings and leave others with read-only access.

Read more in the Automation Ops User Roles documentation.

New Governance Options

Governance policies now include additional feature toggles and options for our products, see the main highlights below:


  • Allow users to share an automation URL - Select Yes to allow users to share the URL of an automation installed in a shared folder.
  • Allow Studio Web - Select Yes to allow users to launch Studio Web from the UiPath Products section in Assistant and return Studio Web templates in Assistant search view.
  • Switch To Running Tab - Select Yes to make the Assistant focus on the running tab when an automation is launched.

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