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Last updated Apr 22, 2024

CLI Tasks

This page describes the tasks that you can execute from the UiPath command-line interface (CLI) and their corresponding sub-tasks.
Important: Starting with April 2023, and 2023.4, new executions will be blocked in classic folders. For tasks that include a classic folder in their configuration, a Folder not found message is displayed, and the task is not performed. Learn more about classic folder removal here.


With the asset task, you can manage your assets available in Orchestrator.
The sub-tasks available under the asset task are:
  • delete: deletes an asset from an Orchestrator instance.
  • deploy: deploys an asset to an Orchestrator instance.


With the job task, you can run jobs in Orchestrator.


With the package task, you can analyze, build, deploy, or delete packages.
The sub-tasks available under the package task are:
  • analyze: check projects for violations discovered by the workflow analyzer.
  • delete: deletes an Orchestrator package.
  • deploy: deploys packages to an Orchestrator instance. With this sub-task, you can also choose to publish packages to a given set of environments or folders.
  • pack: packs a project into a single package.
Note: This task packs one project at a time.


With the test task, you can run tests in Orchestrator.
The sub-tasks available under the test task are:
  • convert: converts test results written in JSON to another format like junit.
  • run: tests a given package, or runs an existing Test Set on Orchestrator.


With the help task, you can display the required and optional parameters for a specific command.


With the version task, you can display information about the version of the CLI that you are currently using.
  • Asset
  • Job
  • Package
  • Test
  • Help
  • Version

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