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Last updated Apr 22, 2024

Azure DevOps Extension


This extension allows you to build and deploy UiPath automation processes, as well as run UiPath automated test cases. In order to pack projects created with UiPath Studio starting from 20.10, you need to use a version starting from 2.1 of this extension.


  • Install .NET 6.
  • Azure DevOps organization and Azure Pipelines account
  • UiPath Integration for Azure DevOps
  • GitHub account for your repository
  • Azure pipeline
  • Choose the appropriate type of Agent in Azure DevOps. You have the option of selecting either an Azure-Hosted Agent or a Self-Hosted Agent to run your Pipeline.
    • Azure-Hosted Agent - This agent is automatically spawned and disposed of after each run. It has default public internet access. If you intend to build packages using custom dependencies from the Orchestrator feed or push projects to Orchestrator, ensure that your Orchestrator allows access from the public internet.
    • Self-Hosted Agent - In cases where your Orchestrator is not accessible from the public internet, you need to use a Self-Hosted Agent. Before using it, configure the networking appropriately to enable the agent to establish a successful connection to the Orchestrator and the specified feeds.
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