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Last updated Jul 19, 2024


With Automation Ops™, you can configure and deploy governance policies for UiPath® Studio, UiPath® Studio Web, UiPath® Robot, UiPath® Assistant, and for AI models usage. Governance policies offer control over various functionalities and ensure that standards are met and that rules are followed.

Main features include:

  • (Preview) For AI Trust Layer:
    • Enforce settings to govern the use of third-party AI models managed by UiPath® .

    The AI Trust Layer policy is available only to the organizations onboarded in Test Manager preview.

  • For StudioX, Studio, and Studio Pro:
  • For Studio Web
    • Enable or disable product features, manage activity feeds and template feeds, control which activities and packages are available in Studio Web, or whether preview activities and packages can be used in Studio Web projects.
  • For Robot:
    • Control the behavior of the Robot at runtime by enforcing Runtime Analyzer rules to prevent sending emails to certain addresses or using certain applications and web pages in automations.
  • For Assistant:
    • Manage access to widgets in UiPath® Assistant.
    • Enforce certain Assistant settings.

If you were previously using file-based governance, when you visit the Deployment page for the first time, Automation Ops™ overwrites any existing file-based governance in your environment.

As it is expected that any file-based governance to no longer apply, make sure you import your already existing policies to Automation Ops™ and deploy them from here.

Automation Ops™ is compatible with Studio 2020.10.3 and later, Robot 2021.10 and later, and Assistant 2021.4 and later. Users must be connected to Orchestrator using interactive sign-in.

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