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Last updated Jun 27, 2024

Documenting Your Ideas and Automations Using Task Capture

Note: This option may not be displayed if the Account Owner decides to switch it off from the Settings page. For details please check the Updating the Settings page.

UiPath Task Capture is a process discovery tool that helps you get detailed insights about automation candidates directly from your employees.

Working in the background, the tool captures the performed steps, takes screenshots with every mouse click, and collects smart data about the process statistics (execution time, number of steps, text entries, etc.). You can edit and annotate each screenshot and add information for each step.

For more details check out the Task Capture User Guide.

Based on the captured data, UiPath Task Capture builds a comprehensive Process Definition Document (PDD), a Word document describing the process AS IS, and its XAML that can be easily exported in Automation Hub.

Locations Where Task Capture Is Available

The Task Capture tool can be opened from the following Automation Hub locations:

  • The page displayed after an Employee-driven idea was submitted

    This page contains the idea score and the option to document the submitted idea using Task Capture. The option is available for the idea submitter. Access the page to find out more.

  • The Documentation module under both the Idea and Automation Profile pages

    The pages contain the documentation added to support the idea or automation submissions. The option to add documentation and use Task Capture for capturing processes is available onlyfor the idea/automation submitter and users assigned with editing rights for the Documentation section.

Access the to find out more.

Create New Process Document With Task Capture

The Create New Process Document with Task Capture card is displayed in both of the above-mentioned locations.

Note: The Create button from Create New Process Document with Task Capture is available after submitting an idea.

Once you click Create you have the below options:

Open Task Capture

Click the Open Task Capture button from the pop-up window. The tool is displayed allowing you to start capturing the process needed to document your assessment.

In case the language set up in Automation Hub is different from the one in Task Capture, a message is displayed in Task Capture allowing you to switch the Task Capture language to the one set up in Automation Hub.

Note: The Task Capture tool will not open if you do not have it installed on your PC or if the version is lower than 20.4. To resolve this issue click the Download drop-down list and follow the steps from the Download Task Capture page.

As soon as you captured the process follow the below steps in order to export it to Automation Hub:

  1. In Task Capture access Export & Publish and select Automation Hub.
  2. The Uploading pop up page is displayed. The recorded .ssp, .docx, .xaml and .jpg files are compressed into a ZIP archive and uploaded to Automation Hub > Idea/Automation Profile page > Documentation.
  3. A confirmation message is displayed once the ZIP archive is uploaded. You have the following options:
    • Copy path - copy the Automation Hub location path of the ZIP archive.
    • Open file - open the Automation Hub page where the process doc file is stored.

To open the attached documentation follow the steps below:

  1. Click the file card.
  2. Click Download.
  3. Select where you want to save the ZIP file and click Save.
  4. Once the ZIP is saved open it.
  5. The recorded process details are available in .ssp, .docx, .xaml and .jpg files.


If you don't have Task Capture installed or if you have a version older than 20.4 please use the Download drop-down list to install the tool. The below options are available:

  • x64 version
  • x32 version
  • MSI x64 version
  • MSI x64 version

Check the Download Task Capture page for the step by step information.

  • Locations Where Task Capture Is Available
  • Create New Process Document With Task Capture
  • Open Task Capture
  • Download

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