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Last updated Jun 27, 2024


When accessing this page you can see all the ideas and automations that you marked as Following in a tabular view. For details on how to follow an idea/automation check the Idea Profile Page or Automation Profile Page.

The ideas are displayed in a tabular view where the following options are available:

  • Search for a particular idea.
  • Sort the type of ideas you want to view by applying the available filters.
  • Show/Hide the columns from the list.
  • Apply relevant filters for every column displayed.

System Admins, Program Managers, and Idea Approvers (for ideas) and Business Reviewers and Technical Reviews (for automations) can access a set of options available by clicking the three-dotted icon under the Actions column. These allow them to:

  • Approve the idea/automation and sent it to the Assessment Phase.
  • Reject the idea/automation so it will not be queued for implementation and change their status to Rejected.
  • Put on Hold the idea/automation in order to gather more information or discuss it at a later time.
  • View Automation Profile by opening the Idea Profile Page or Automation Profile Page. This page contains all the item details.
  • Quick View the idea/automation description, and general information in a pop-up page.
  • Archive the idea/automation. This signifies that the idea/automation will not be queued for implementation and will no longer appear on the Explore Ideas or Automations pages.
  • Delete the idea/automation in order to remove all its details from the platform.

    To see the complete list of actions, check the Automation Phase and Status page.

Note: Depending on the idea/automation phase and status the options available under the Action column are different.

Check Column Information page to see more information about the available columns.

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