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Last updated Jun 27, 2024

Getting and Requesting Automations

Accessing the Automation Store

As a business user, click on the Automation Store link from the selected tenant or from the Automation Store icon on the left navigation bar.

Identify Your Automation

You can easily identify your Automation by using the search function. To do this, Open the Automation Profile, by clicking on the Automation Card.


The instant consumption settings determines the buttons that will be available on the Automation Store cards:

  • Instant Consumption ON - means that the GET button will be displayed
  • Instant Consumption OFF - means that the REQUEST button will be displayed

Get the Automation

In order to have the Automation available in Orchestrator, click Get on the Automation.

The GET button can appear grayed out if:

  • the user does not exist in the Orchestrator,
  • if his personal workspace is not enabled on the Orchestrator,
  • if the Orchestrator connection has issues.

Get the Automation - Success

After the GET button is clicked, the automation nugpkg will be pushed to your personal worskpace, a correspondent process will be created for you in Personal Workspace and the process will automatically appear in UiPath Assistant.

Once you have installed the automation, the GET button will appear greyed out and a helper tooltip will announce you that you have already consumed this automation.

Request the Automation

As soon as you click Request a pop-up containing a Thank you message is displayed. An email is sent and a task is generated for the Technical Reviewers to provide you the automation you requested.

  • Accessing the Automation Store
  • Identify Your Automation
  • Get the Automation
  • Request the Automation

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