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Last updated Jul 3, 2024

Generate your Token from Automation Hub

The Open API page within your Automation Hub account enables you to access API specific information, allowing you to easily create/find/update the information required for authenticating to your Automation Hub services via API calls.

  1. Log in to your Automation Hub account.

  2. Access Admin Console > Platform Setup > Open API. The Open API page is displayed with the following service-specific information:

    • Tenant ID: the selected service's logical name.

    • Token Name: the name assigned to the token.

    • Token the ASCII character strings corresponding to the generated token.

    • User: the user to whom the token is assigned.

    • Expires: the token's expiration date.

    • Active: the token's status

    • App Key: optional security code used for authentication.

  3. Search under User if a token is already generated for you.

    • If Yes, click the three-dotted Actions icon > Edit option corresponding to your token.

    • If No, click Generate Token.

  4. The Add Token modal is displayed. Fill in/update the following information:

    • Token Name: a specific name assigned to the token.
    • Token: the prefilled token is a unique code automatically generated by the system that cannot be edited.
    • App Key: a unique code that will be used during authentication. This field is optional still if it's defined, it's mandatory to be used in the request header for the authorization to work.
    • User: the following token types are available:
      • Personal Token: token generated for you if you select your account details in the file.
      • User Assigned Token: token generated for another user if you select the user's account details in the filed.
      • Tenant Level Token: token generated at the tenant level if the Users field is left blank. This token has some limitations such as submitting an idea. This type of call cannot be completed since the submitter is not defined.
    • Expires: set up the toke's expiration date.

    • Active switch: use it to set up the toke's status.

  5. Click Save.


Be careful when selecting the User as the token type affects the type of calls you can access.

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Do not close the Open API page. You need the information within it to make the authentication call.

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