Die Anleitung zu UiPath-Aktivitäten (The UiPath Activities Guide)

Excel-Datei verwenden


Lets you select an Excel file to use in the automation and enables StudioX to integrate with Excel. The data in the file is available to all the activities added inside Use Excel File. This means that when you configure child activities, you can select data from the file directly from StudioX. If the Excel file does not exist at the time you design the automation, you can define an existing Excel file with the same structure as a template for use at design time.



If you use a file with the .xls extension, all activities supported by Excel for .xls files will work at runtime. However the contents of the file are not available for selection directly from the Plus plus buttonplus button menu when creating the automation in the designer. To select data from the file, either use the Indicate in Excel and Custom Input options, or save a .xlsx copy of the file and add it as a Template file.

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