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Last updated 2024年5月21日


Release date: April 10, 2024

Migration to Automation Suite

Starting with Automation Suite April 19th Cumulative Update, migrating from Standalone Insights to Automation Suite is now possible. To learn more, check the Migrating standalone products to Automation Suite and Insights - Automation Suite on Linux Installation Guide documentation.

Changes to ROI views

This release brings the following changes to the ROI explores:
  • The Process Manual Values explorer is now named Process ROI, while the Queue Manual Values explorer is named Queue ROI.
  • All ROI dimensions and measured are moved under the Jobs and Queues views.
  • No ROI dimensions are available in any other explorers, such as Jobs, Robot logs, Queues, or Integration.
  • ROI templates are updated to use the new views and explores.
Note: None of these updates will break existing dashboards currently using the Process Manual Values or Queue Manual Values explores.


  • Time saved in business ROI formula is changed. The robot processing time is no longer taken into consideration when calculating time saved.
  • Migration to Automation Suite
  • Changes to ROI views
  • Improvements

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