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Last updated 2024年4月10日



The Queues dashboard displays an overview of the number of transactions and their final states, as well as a detailed look into exceptions.





Transactions (Completed Items)

Number of completed transactions

View the number of completed transactions (queue items).


Number of queues

View the number of queues with data processed.

Transactions by Status

Number of transactions broken down by status:

• Successful

• Abandoned

• Failed

Track the percentage of queue items in each completed status.

Transaction by Date

Number of transactions broken by date

Track the number of processed queues for each day.

Weekly Exception Breakdown

Number of exceptions per week

Track the number of exceptions regarding queue items per week.

Avg Transaction Duration Per Queue

Average processing time, in seconds, of queue items

Check the average time it took for queue items to be processed.


• Queue Name

• Robot Name

• Exception Type

• Reason

• Number of Errors

Get a detailed look at exceptions, including the specific reason.

Working With Queues Dashboards

To keep your automation efforts in a good condition, keep an eye on transactional processing health with the default Queues visualizations. For example, you can glance over queue items that seem to result in errors more often.

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