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Last updated 2024年4月10日

Log Collector

The Log Collector tool is a script that collects Looker logs that are located in multiple places. The script generates a zip file with most logs needed to debug the looker portion of insights by the support team.

The script works with all Insights standalone versions starting with 2022.4. It helps gather logs if you have issues with: alerts, the installation process, looker, the upgrade phase or SQL errors, or issues where a dashboard won't load or isn't visible.

  1. Download the Log Collector script on the Looker VM: # wget
  2. Change permissions: # chmod 755
  3. Specify log file location (optional). By default this command script writes in your home directory. This can be changed by modifying the line: user_home="${HOME}". Just change it to the desired directory if the home directory isn't where you want the logs to generate. i.e. user_home="/var/log" If you choose to change the directory, it should be a directory where you have write permissions.
  4. Run the script: # ./ The script requires sudo and will ask for the sudo password.
  5. The script runs even if it encounters failures. If you notice failures during execution, capture the failure message and send it to support.
  6. Once the script executes, the support team can analyze the zip file.

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