UiPath Task Capture

The Task Capture Guide

File Menu

The File menu contains the following commands:


Document Properties

Add the Title, Description, and Author of the document.



To change the name of the document click the Guide Title icon displayed as a writing pencil.



Open a new process page and document it using either the Create Diagram or Capture Process option.


Open a previously created process to continue working on it. This option is similar to Open File from PC.


Save the changes made in your process.

Save as

Select the location and the File name where to save the document on your PC.



The default File name has the following format: day Month at hour when the workflow was saved.


The below export options are available:

  • Word Document - enables you to export the workflow diagram in Word format and edit it whenever needed.
  • UiPath Studio - enables you to export the workflow template in XAML format to UiPath Studio and continue the robot implementation and debugging.
  • Diagram as Image - enables you to export the workflow in JPEG format.

Access the Exporting to get detailed information on how to use the above-mentioned options.

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File Menu

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