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PDD Creation Flow and Particularities - Standalone 2022.4
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Last updated Dec 6, 2023

PDD Creation Flow and Particularities

A specific algorithm is used to convert the flow chart into one linear sequence of actions by Task Capture when exporting the created workflow to Word. The main goal of the algorithm is to build a logic for the process map to be displayed in a linear way in the exported PDD. We are going to illustrate the process using the below diagram where each stage is marked with a different color.

To convert the flow chart into one linear sequence the following 4 step algorithm is used:

  1. Establish the process's main branch by analyzing the actions recorded between the start node to the end action. Each node is marked as read. In our example, this is marked with yellow.

    Note: In case the workflow contains decision actions the first item that has been added to the diagram and the branch created is marked as the main branch.
  2. Define the remaining flows by analyzing the actions marked as unread and their position in the main workflow. In our example, these are marked with purple, red, and blue.
  3. Sort in a descendent order each flow based on the number of nodes it includes through a third analysis that is run for the entire flow chart.
  4. Generate the document where the flow defined as the main branch is added after the rest of the branches.

    Note: The algorithm walks through the process map from Start to End event using the connection between elements. This signifies that, if some elements are not connected or are accidentally connected in an incorrect manner or order, the exported result might look different than expected.

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