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Last updated May 13, 2024

UiPath® Test Manager

UiPath Test Manager is our web application that allows you to easily manage your testing process by addressing the following functional areas:

  • Assigning automation from StudioPro to test cases.
  • Assign test cases to requirements.
  • Dashboards to get a quick overview of your test results.
  • Reporting
  • Manual testing
  • Creating defects from test results

Please check the Test Manager User Guide for all the details.

The functionality to create Manual Test Cases is now upgraded with the possibility to document them using Task Capture in order to avoid manually downloading the images and typing titles for each of the included actions. To use this option follow the below steps:

1. Launch Task Capture from Test Manager

Note: Always launch Task Capture from Test Manager first and then attempt using the Export to Test Manager option. Otherwise, the Export to Test Manager option is not displayed.
  1. Open your Test Manager tenant and access/create the needed Project.
  2. Access its Test Cases.
  3. Access/create the needed Test Case.
  4. Select a task.
  5. Go to Manual Steps section.
  6. Select Document with Task Capture

    Note: The documentation created in Task Capture is exported to the Test Case of the Test Manager Project you select when initiating the process.

2. Create the documentation for a manual test case

  1. Once you clicked the Document with Task Capture option, the Task Capture in-app pop up is displayed. Click Open Task Capture.

  2. Select the type of process you want to record.
  3. Start recording your process.

    Note: Manual Test Cases have to be in a linear format. You can not add multiple elements from Decision element.

3. Publish the workflow in Test Manager

Once you created the workflow, follow the below steps in order to export it to the selected Test Manager location:

  1. In Task Capture access File and from Export select Publish to UiPath® Test Manager.

  2. The Uploading pop up page is displayed. The recorded .docx and .jpg (diagram image) files are uploaded to Test Manager > project page > Test Cases > selected Test Case.

    Note: The template for the created .docx file is predefined in Task Capture, so there is no option to customize it.
  3. A confirmation message is displayed once the files are uploaded allowing you to:

    • Copy link - copy the Test Manager location path of the documents.
    • Open link - open the Test Manager page where the process doc file is stored.

Exporting via sync button

Another way you can export the created workflow diagram is by using the Sync button from the header panel.

After clicking the icon, the project is exported to your UiPath® Test Manager location and a Completed message is displayed to confirm.

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