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Task Mining
Last updated 11 de mar de 2024

Viewing trace

From the All traces section, on a trace, click the right arrow on the left to view the trace details.

Here the diagram will be refreshed to only show the trace of the selected step.

Inside the Trace you can find metrics for:

  • the number of steps
  • number of actions
  • execution time
  • applications used

The slideshow provides a replay of this trace to show exactly how the task was performed.

Selecting the slideshow, lets you see Step ID, and browse through the steps to see the changes and how many actions to steps were performed.

If you consider the trace and steps are not correct, recompute feature can be used.

  • To get back to All Traces, select the back arrow.
  • Using the star icon on top of the trace panel lets you bookmark a trace.
  • Selecting the chevron icon next to bookmark option, will save this trace as the representative trace.

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