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The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

Command Line Parameters

Command Line Arguments Descriptions

It is possible to install or update Task Capture using the below-mentioned command lines if you have the task-capture-setup.msi installer. The table below lists all the available parameters you can use, paired with some examples.



Setup command-line arguments cannot be used and do not work on TaskCapture.exe.
This package natively supports all msiexec commands.
Administrator rights are required to execute these commands.

Install Options/iUsed for normal installation.
/aUsed for administrative installation
/xUsed to uninstall the package
APPLICATIONROOTDIRECTORY='{folder_path}'Used to change the installation directory
Display Options/quietquiet mode
/passiveunattended mode
/q[n|b|r|f]Set the User Interface level as follows:
f - Full User Interface(default)
b - Basic User Interface
r - Reduced User Interface
n - No User Interface
Restart Options/norestartThe machine will not be restarted after the installation is completed.
/promptrestartThe user will be prompted if a reboot is required
/forcerestartThe machine will be restarted after the installation is complete
Custom ParametersLICENSECODE=1111-1111-1111-1111Activate the Stand-Alone edition app via the license code.


The following example illustrates the tool's silent installation (q) with Basic user interface (b) and license activation (LICENSECODE):

  • msiexec /i ${task-capture-setup.msi} /qb LICENSECODE=${offline_string}

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Command Line Parameters

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