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Last updated May 25, 2024

Classification Station

Important: In case you use an Intel Xe GPU and Classification Station is not displayed properly, we recommend updating the graphics driver to the latest version. For more information, please visit this page.

The Classification Station wizard can be used both as a stand-alone tool and integrated with Orchestrator/Automation Cloud Orchestrator/Action Center.

The Classification Station can be used either as an attended activity with the Present Classification Station or as a type of action in Action Center with the Create Document Classification Action, Wait for Document Classification Action and Resume.

Requirements for Document Classification

Certain inputs need to be provided for the Classification Station to function. Here is a list with the minimum required inputs in order to configure the Classification Station as an attended activity:

  • Provide a Taxonomy needed for processing the document. It can be created directly in the workflow by using the Taxonomy Manager wizard, and it can be loaded using the Load Taxonomy activity. It should be provided as a DocumentTaxonomy variable.
  • Provide the Document Path for the file you want to validate.
  • Provide a Document Object Model for the file, which can be obtained as an output of the Digitize Document activity.
  • Provide the Document Text of the file, which can be obtained as an output of the same Digitize Document activity.
  • Provide the Automatic Classification Results which represents the data automatically extracted by the robot, that now needs human classification. This is the output of the Classify Document Scope activity. If no automatic classification results are passed to Classification Station, then the Classification Station will open for fully manual processing.

Classification Station as an Attended Activity

You can use the Present Classification Station activity anywhere in your workflows.

An attended activity is functional only if the file that needs to be processed is available locally on the machine that executes the process.

At run-time, a window opens and displays the Classification Station allowing any interaction from the user side.

Classification Station in Action Center

Increase your productivity by creating an orchestration process that adds document classification actions in Action Center, in both On-Prem Orchestrator or its Automation Cloud Orchestrator counterpart. This action reduces your need for storing the documents locally, having a robot installed on each human's operated machine, or having the robot wait for human users to finish classification.

This approach requires you to have your robot connected to your Orchestrator and to build a project of type Orchestration Process in UiPath Studio. You can publish your project to Orchestrator once it is ready. Here you can find more details about this process.

When running a project with UiPath Orchestrator, you will use of the Create Document Classification Action and Wait for Document Classification Action and Resume activities because this is how you are creating the connection between the unattended robots executing the automatic part and the Knowledge Workers that can pick up actions from Action Center (on-premises or cloud-based).

In this scenario, the Classification Station UI is displayed directly in UiPath Orchestrator's Action center but has the same functionalities like the one run as an attended activity.

Learn More

Learn more about Classification Station Wizard, by following this link.

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