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Last updated Jun 6, 2024

ML Packages Offline Installation

All ML Packages are provided as a .zip file which is uploaded directly as a Custom Package in AI Center. To download the models, contact your Account Manager, CSM, or Support. You will receive a download link per package.

The ML models also need a dedicated bundle to be installed before they can be used.

Getting Started

Here's what you need for running a successfully offline installation of an ML Package in AI Center.

  • Download the needed du bundle. Here are the links for all the available du bundles. The du bundle contains information about all models included into a specific version. For example, the dulv4-2022.4.0.tar.gz contains information about all dulv4 models included in the 2022.4.0 version.
  • Download the needed out-of-the-box model package (eg.: Invoices, Receipts, PurchaseOrders, etc.). Link needs to be provided by your Account Manager, CSM, or Support.
  • Retrieve the metadata file for the previously downloaded out-of-the-box model package (eg.: Invoices, Receipts, PurchaseOrders, etc.). This metadata file defines the model's settings. Here you can find all the available metadata files.

Install the Offline Bundle

Offline installations are requiring that the downloaded du bundle to be renamed in the command line into du-ondemand.tar.gz. For instance, if you downloaded the du bundle named dulv4-2022.4.1.tar.gz, at installation time you need to rename it as du-ondemand.tar.gz.
  1. For Windows machines, directly download through the bundle link and rename the file to du-ondemand.tar.gz
  2. For Linux machines, from the machine having access to the internet, download the needed bundle following the below command:

    wget -O ~/<bundle-name.tar.gz> 'bundle-link'wget -O ~/<bundle-name.tar.gz> 'bundle-link'

    Here's an example of how to download the needed bundle for Linux:

    wget -O ~/du-ondemand.tar.gz ''wget -O ~/du-ondemand.tar.gz ''
  3. Copy the following bundle to the /uipath/tmp folder on the main machine of the cluster (where the install took place):
    scp ~/<bundle-name.tar.gz> <username>@<node dns>:/uipath/tmp/scp ~/<bundle-name.tar.gz> <username>@<node dns>:/uipath/tmp/
  4. Connect to this main machine and load the bundle:

    ./ registry upload --optional-offline-bundle "/uipath/tmp/du.tar.gz" --offline-tmp-folder "/uipath/tmp"./ registry upload --optional-offline-bundle "/uipath/tmp/du.tar.gz" --offline-tmp-folder "/uipath/tmp"

Upload the Model to AI Center

After downloading and installing the models, follow the steps described here to upload them to AI Center.

  • Getting Started
  • Install the Offline Bundle
  • Upload the Model to AI Center

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