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Last updated Jun 6, 2024

About Document Manager

UiPath Document Manager is a lightweight web application that allows users to prepare, review and make corrections to datasets required for Training and Evaluation of Document Understanding Machine Learning models. It enables multiple users to perform a variety of operations:

  • Define and configure the fields to be extracted by an ML model.
  • Import documents for labeling.
  • Prelabel documents using a preexisting ML model such as Invoice Extraction or Receipt Extraction provided by UiPath out-of-the-box, or by using a model trained using AI Center.
  • Label documents.
  • Export documents in the format expected by the AI Center Training pipelines.

The User Interface

The Document Manager interface contains the following panels:

Management Bar

Displayed at the top of the page in Document Manager.

Enables you to perform multiple operations: navigate in between documents, delete/restore a document, search/filter documents, run AI model predictions, import and export documents.

Here are the items available in the management bar:





Navigate between documents that match the active filter.

In between the two arrows, a counter is displayed. It illustrates the number of the current document out of the total number of documents that match the active search/filter.


Search or filter documents. Filter is also applied when exporting documents. You can also filter by words from a document or by document names.

Delete / Restore


Delete or restore a document. Deleted documents can be found under the deleted filter.


Open Import data dialog box.


Open Export files dialog box.

Document name and type


The name of the currently active document and its type.

There are three type of documents:

  • Training document

    -Validation document

    -Evaluation document

Training and Validation documents are part of training datasets used by Training Pipelines.

Evaluation documents are ignored by Training Pipelines and are intended to only be used by Evaluation pipelines in AI Center. These documents are the ones that were marked as evaluation by selecting the Mark this an evaluation set checkbox in the Import data dialog box.


The option is available in the drop-down next to the document name.

Click the icon to download a Zip file containing the original document. Besides the original document, all pages converted internally by Document Manager to .jpeg images are downloaded as well.

Permanently delete

The option is available in the drop-down next to the document name.

Permanently deletes individual files. The .pdf and all its .jpeg images are deleted from the AI Center dataset and all the metadata is deleted from the database.

When clicking the button, a pop-up message appears asking you if you are sure you want to permanently delete the document. Click OK to continue or Cancel to revert to the previous screen.

Session name


The name of the current session.


Run AI model predictions and display the results.

After configuring Prelabelling, the button is enabled in the management bar. Click it to prelabel the current document.

  • At the moment, using the Predict option with Public Endpoints prelabels only the first 10 pages of a document. This is a known issue and a fix is in the working. Using the Predict option with ML Skills in AI Center, however, does not impose such a limitation.


Configure OCR and Prelabelling settings or access the How to... panel. See more details below.

The settings button has two available options:


In order to import documents into Document Manager, it is mandatory to configure an OCR service.

The following options are available:

OCR method

The cloud-based options are:

  • UiPath Document OCR -;
  • Google Cloud Vision OCR which has the best language coverage;
  • Google Cloud Vision OCR for Japanese optimal for reading Japanese documents;
  • Microsoft Read OCR.


Configuring the OCR requires the OCR service to have a URL. Here are the possible URLs you can use:

OCR key

The corresponding API Key for the selected OCR engine. For example, for UiPath Document OCR, you need to use the Document Understanding API Key. Mandatory for Document Manager Cloud and Document Manager On-Prem Online. It is not required for Document Manager On-Prem Air-gapped.


If you already have a model which can extract some of the fields that need labeling, and there are only a few extra fields that require manual labeling, you can save a lot of time by using Document Manager’s Prelabelling feature.

The following options are available:

Prelabelling URL

Prelabelling requires the ML model has a URL. Here are the possible URLs you can use:

  • public URLs such as or
  • see the full list of endpoints here
  • URLs of ML Skills which have been made public in AI Center on-premises or in AI Center Cloud

Prelabelling key

The Document Understanding API Key. Mandatory for Document Manager Cloud and Document Manager On-Prem Online. It is not required for Document Manager On-Prem Air-gapped.

How to...

The How to... option accesses the Document Manager help menu.

Here you can find:

  • The Document Manager version
  • The Documentation link leading to this documentation page.
  • The Labeling Controls section which displays the controls to be used when handling data.
  • The Document Shortcuts section which displays the shortcuts used to perform various operations such as navigation and UI scaling.
  • The Configuration section which displays details about the instance configuration as performed during installation.

Column Fields

Column fields have the following options:

  • Create new column field docs image
  • Edit field docs image
  • Expand/collapse column field values docs image
  • For more details on column fields, visit this section.

Regular Fields

Regular fields have the following options:

  • Create a new regular field docs image
  • Edit field docs image
  • For more details on regular fields, visit this section.

Classification Fields

Classification fields have the following options:

  • Create a new classification field docs image
  • Edit field docs image
  • For more details on classification fields, visit this section.

Document View

For multi-page documents, you can scroll naturally through the pages as in any PDF viewer. To zoom in or out, use Ctrl + mouse scroll.

You can label documents by selecting the word boxes and assigning them to a field by pressing a key. You can also right-click the word box and verify the extracted information.

  • For more details on how to label documents, visit this page.

When you open a new Document Manager session or when you have an empty filter, certain guidelines are displayed in document view:

Also, loading failures are also displayed in document view:

  • The User Interface
  • Management Bar
  • Column Fields
  • Regular Fields
  • Classification Fields
  • Document View

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