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Last updated Jul 15, 2024

About Document Understanding

UiPath® Document UnderstandingTM uses a combination of robotic process automation (RPA) and AI to automatically process your documents.

Document processing is a challenge every company faces. Manual document processing and legacy solutions limit business growth, increase risk, and deliver poor customer experiences. Errors and delays in manual data interpretation and data entry impact critical events in customer journeys and business process efficiency. With UiPath Intelligent Document Processing, you can automate document processing from end to end - with the latest AI capabilities seamlessly integrated into enterprise-level automation.

There are two distinct products part of the UiPath Intelligent Document Processing solution:
  • Document UnderstandingTM: is a no-code and user-friendly solution that combines specialized and generative models to extract and interpret data from various documents and ensure end-to-end document processing. From structured to unstructured, the tool can process a wide variety of documents, recognizing different objects like tables, handwriting, signatures, and checkboxes, and is versatile in handling various file formats.
  • Communications Mining: is a no-code solution that utilizes unsupervised and active learning techniques to develop machine learning (ML) models specially designed for each customer's requirements. The solution enables businesses to automate their most frequent and time-consuming requests. As a result, it is possible to extract, track, and automate every conversation from beginning to end using Communication Mining. To learn more about this, check the Communications Mining User Guide.

The current guide focuses on Document UnderstandingTM, which pairs robotic process automation (RPA) with AI to help you process your documents automatically.

How does it work?

UiPath® Document UnderstandingTM combines RPA and AI to help you extract and interpret data from a wide range of document types and formats, including images, PDFs, handwriting, signatures, checkboxes, and tables. It is designed to process documents intelligently, using a combination of rules, templates, and specialized or generative language models. As part of the UiPath Business Automation platform, Document Understanding ensures end-to-end automation. It collects documents from various sources, allowing you to validate the extracted information using human in the loop components, and responds based on this information.

Figure 1. Document Understanding framework

What challenges does it solve?

Document UnderstandingTM handles large amounts of data efficiently, making it an ideal tool for businesses dealing with extensive document processing. It uses intelligent algorithms to process and structure data within documents providing an efficient and effective way of handling large amounts of unstructured information.

Document Understanding can help you improve business growth and scalability. Labor-intesive document processing limits the ability of companies to scale efficiently and capture market opportunity. As a part of the UiPath® Platform, Document Understanding can be used in various cases involving documents, saving substantial time and reducing costs associated with manual document processing.

The product can help you improve customer experience. It simplifies the processing of complex, unstructured data, expediting decision-making processing, onboarding, and servicing. Automating document processing also reduces the risk of errors. By mitigating the risk of human error, data input errors, missed information, and incorrect procedures are less likely to occur. The result is improved compliance, reduced time people spend on rework, and less losses for you and your customers.

  • How does it work?
  • What challenges does it solve?

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