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October 2021

7 October 2021

In preparation for the 2021.10 Enterprise release, we have added new templates for Studio, StudioX, and Assistant policies that enable you to govern a number of new settings available in the upcoming product versions. In addition, runtime governance is here with the introduction of Robot policies. The Studio Pro profile is being deprecated starting with Studio 2021.10, so you won't see a new template version for this profile.

Runtime Governance

Organizations can now control the behavior of robots at runtime by deploying governance policies that target UiPath Robot. The new Robot product policy includes two Runtime Analyzer rules that enable you to define the following restrictions:

  • App/Url Restrictions - Applications and URLs that UI automation activities are either allowed or prohibited from automating at runtime.
  • Email Blocklist - Email addresses where Mail, Office 365, and GSuite activities are not allowed to send emails at runtime.

Runtime governance works for Robot versions starting with 2021.10. For more information, see Settings for Robot Policies.

New Studio and StudioX Templates

The 21.10 templates for Studio and StudioX policies contain new settings that allow you to control the following:

  • Use of the Integration service in Automation Cloud as the default way to manage connections in all activities that support it.
  • Use of AI activity suggestions in the Add activity search bar.
  • Exporting the results of each workflow analysis to a JSON file in the project folder.
  • Default target framework and allowed target frameworks for projects (Studio policies only).
  • Making the Release Notes field mandatory when publishing a project.
  • Sending telemetry data to your organization's Application Insights instance in Azure.
  • What remote repositories are allowed when working with GIT source control.
  • Number of consecutive executions that can be initiated for projects with no changes (StudioX policies only).
  • Hiding certain activities (StudioX policies only).

New Assistant Template

In the 21.10 template for Assistant policies, the new Automation Store widget is enabled by default.

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October 2021

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