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Deploy Policies at User Level

  1. In Automation Cloud, navigate to Automation Ops from the left-side navigation bar.
  2. Select Governance > Deployments, and then select the Users tab.
    The users for which policies have already been deployed are displayed. You can click Refresh above the table on the page to update the list of users.
    • To deploy policies for a new user, click Deployment for User above the table. The Add user dialog box is displayed on the right side of the page. Proceed to step 2.
    • To edit an existing user policy deployment, select the user in the table. The Edit user dialog box is displayed on the right side of the page. Proceed to step 3.
  3. If you chose to add a new user deployment, select the user from the Email box. Start typing the user name to find matches for users with no policy deployments.
  4. Optional To view the policies available for the user ordered by priority, click View Policy Inheritance at the bottom of the dialog.
  5. Select a policy for each product. By default, the policy deployed at group level is selected. If no policy is deployed for any group the user is assigned to, the policy deployed at tenant level for that product is selected by default. If you don't want to apply any policy to this user, select No policy.
  6. Click Save to apply the changes.

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Deploy Policies at User Level

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