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AI Units is the measure used to license AI products. AI Units are charged based on consumption when the models are bringing value to you.

For more information, check the sections below:

Metering and charging logic

General logic

This page contains specific information regarding AI Units depending on the used activity, covering the cost for every AI product.
To calculate the overall consumption cost, the following formula is used:
prediction cost + hardware cost = consumption cost

For more information, check the following sections below:

Prediction cost

To calculate the prediction cost, the following formula is used:
input size x unit cost of the model = prediction cost

For example, the consumption for UiPath Custom Named Entity Recognition model with input size 5000 characters is as follows:

5000 characters = 3 units
Consumption: 3 units x 0.5 (unit cost) = 1.5 AI Units

Input size

ModelInput typeInput sizeComputed input size
Document Understanding models Document1 pageNumber of pages in the input document
Re:infer*JSON1 emailNumber of Emails in Mailbox
1 support ticketNumber of Support Tickets in any ticketing system
Computer Vision Image1 imageAlways 1
Task Mining Dataset1 datasetAlways 1
Other models JSON2000 characters = 1 unitCeil(length(input)/2000)
File5 MB = 1 unitCeil(size/5MB)
Files5 MB = 1 unitCeil(sum(size(input))/5MB)

* There is no hardware cost associated for at least one year. Re:infer licensing includes free storage and compute for the first year. For more information on Re:infer, check the official documentation.

Model used

ModelWhen we chargeUnit cost
Document Understanding modelsPer prediction For a list of all Document Understanding models, check the Metering & Charging Logic page from the Document Understanding guide.
Computer VisionPer prediction0
Models in preview (like UiPath Image Classification)Per prediction0
Task MiningPer successful pipeline5000
Re:inferPer email1
Per support ticket1
UiPath Light Text classifierPer prediction0.2
UiPath Multilingual classifierPer prediction0.5
UiPath Custom Named Entity RecognitionPer prediction0.5
Open Source packagesPer prediction0.1
Custom packages
(uploading your zip file)
Per prediction0.1



Except for Task Mining, running a pipeline or deploying an ML Skill only consumes AI Units related to hardware consumption.

Hardware cost

The hardware cost at the time of deploying ML Skills is calculated as follows:
replicas x resource cost

The default replica count depends on the account type:

  • Enterprise account: 2
  • Other account types: 1

Note: Availability is increased by increasing the number of replicas. High Availability (HA) is not guaranteed if user reduces the number of replicas to 1.

Use the following table to check the resource cost for ML Skills.

HardwareUnit Cost
0.5 CPU 2 GB RAM (default)1 AI Unit / replica / hour
1 CPU 4 GB RAM2 AI Units / replica / hour
2 CPU 8 GB RAM4 AI Units / replica / hour
4 CPU 16 GB RAM8 AI Units / replica / hour
6 CPU 24 GB RAM12 AI Units / replica / hour
GPU20 AI Units / replica / hour

For hardware cost related to Pipelines, check the following table.

HardwareUnit Cost
CPU6 AI Units / hour
GPU20 AI Units / hour



Any hour started is charged.

Consumption example

Background information

To automate a given process, you need to use the two following UiPath models:

The first step is to train the Multilingual Text Classification model on your dataset. The training takes 6 hours and 30 minutes using GPU.
After deploying both models as HA skills, they are running on CPU for three months. During this time, the Multilingual Text Classification model processed 20,000 texts, all around 3,000 characters, while the Invoices model processed 10,000 invoices containing 2 pages each.

Calculating total consumption

  • AI Units consumed for training Multilingual Text Classification:
    7 (hours) x 20 (AI units per hour for GPU) = 140 AI Units

  • AI Units consumed for hosting Multilingual Text Classification for three months:
    24 (hours in day) x 90 (number of days) x 2 (AI units per hour) = 4320 AI Units

  • AI Units consumed for hosting Invoices for three months:
    24 (hours in day) x 90 (number of days) x 2 (AI units per hour) = 4320 AI Units

  • AI Units consumed for predictions made using Multilingual Text Classification:
    20000 (number of predictions) x 2 (input size) x 0.5 (unit cost) = 20000 AI Units

  • AI Units consumed for predictions made using Invoices:
    10000 (number of predictions) x 2 (input size) x 1 (unit cost) = 20000 AI Units

  • AI Units consumed in total:
    hardware cost + predictions cost = (140 + 4320 + 4320) + (20000 + 20000) = 48780 AI Units

License tracking

AI Units are tracked under AI Units for all scenarios.


If you hover your mouse over the bar from the AI Units section, a pop-up is displayed. You can check this pop-up to see your exact consumption.

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AI Units

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