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Last updated Feb 22, 2024

ML Skills

This section provides frequently encountered errors related to ML Skills.

ML Skill Deployment Failed

Use this article if you encounter one of the following issues related to ML Skills:
  • ML Skill deployment failed
  • ML Skills failed to deploy
  • ML Skills not getting deployed
  • Other errors while deploying ML Skills
The following common situations can lead to ML Skill deployment failures or errors:
  • Issues with the dataset:
  • The ML Skills was not deployed on the latest minor version. Make sure to use the latest trained ML Package version when deploying an ML Skill. Otherwise, an error can occur while deploying the skill in the ML Extractor activity in your workflow.
  • An untrained ML Skill is deployed.
  • Insufficient licenses available on the tenant. For more information on licenses, check the AI Units page.
  • ML Skill Deployment Failed

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