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Last updated Feb 22, 2024

October 2023

25 October

What's New

Page Tooltips

Tooltips are now available to improve product usability and feature discovery. These appear on hovering different components within the AI Center product.


  • This release brings general security fixes.
  • The pipeline name is no longer displayed in the Edit pipeline run page.
  • Updated the ML Package descriptions, to remove the preview tag on some models.
  • The Send to labelers button from the Labels tab in the Data Labeling window is now called Go to Action Center. Click this button to go straight to the Data Labeling search filter in Action Center pending tasks.

Bug Fixes

  • When you select the EVAL_FAILED filter in the pipeline page, the filter no longer returns runs which are in a Scheduled state.
  • In case of TIE license type, the AI units field, from the pipeline report, is now handled properly.
  • You can now delete a file from a dataset, if it has % in its name.
  • On the Create new pipeline run page, the Pipeline Name field label is now localized in Japanese.
  • Python 3.9 image now works if the model needs wandb. Updated the gevent library.
  • Fixed an issue causing the MultiLingual Text Classifier model to fail when trained on a GPU. This issue was fixed with an update to the model (23.9.0).

18 October


We optimized to node availability for both pipelines and skill deployments. Time taken for new pipeline launches and skill deployments is reduced.

  • 25 October
  • What's New
  • Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • 18 October
  • Improvements

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