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Last updated Jun 28, 2024

UiPath Document OCR


Extracts a string and associated information about the textual content of document images. The UiPath Document OCR activity is optimized for usage on scanned documents and images of documents. The activity can be used in any document scenario in which an OCR engine is needed, for instance, the Digitize Document activity or the Read PDF With OCR activity.

You can use the UiPath Document OCR activity to extract information from any document that has handwritten text, printed text, signatures, and checkboxes.


  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity.
  • Image - The image that you want to process. This field supports only Image variables.
  • ApiKey - The API key used to provide you access to the UiPath Document OCR (not required for the Preview period). Here you can find information about retrieving the API Key.
  • Endpoint - The endpoint for UiPath Document OCR. This field supports only String variables. For more information, see Document Understanding Public Endpoints.
  • Timeout (milliseconds) - Specifies the amount of time (in milliseconds) to wait for a response from the server before an error is thrown. The default value is 100000 milliseconds (100 seconds).

    Note: More information about Document Understanding configuration can be found here.
  • Private - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.
  • UseLocalServer - Determines if a local server should be used. This field only supports Boolean values (True, False). The default value is none.
    Important: To use local server mode, you need to install the UiPath.DocumentUnderstanding.OCR.LocalServer package.
  • Result - Provides the extracted words along with their on-screen position. This field supports only KeyValuePair<Rectangle,String> variables.
  • Text - Provides the extracted text. This field supports only String variables.
  • Properties

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