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Last updated Jul 15, 2024

About the OmniPage activity package

The UiPath.OmniPage.Activities package contains the OmniPage OCR activity, which is powered by the Nuance OmniPage OCR Engine.
Note: Starting with version 1.7.0, this activity package is validated for use in C# projects.

This pack incorporates technical solutions that provide all the means of analyzing and processing document flows. The main scope of the OmniPage OCR activity is of achieving full digitization, classification, and data extraction capabilities.

It can be used as an alternative to the other OCR engines. You can use it with any of the available activities from the UI Automation, Computer Vision packages and also with the Digitize Document activity from the Intelligent OCR package.

Within the OmniPage package, you can choose to use the Basic or the Extended language package. The difference between the packages is that the Extended package needs to be installed separately and it incorporates a wide range of languages, including Asian, Arabic, Thai, Hebrew, and Vietnamese.

Note: When searching for the OmniPage pack in the Manage Packages option, you can see three packages: UiPath.OmniPage.Activities which contains the activity itself, UiPath.OmniPage.Bundle which is a dependency of the first pack and it is automatically installed with it, and the UiPath.OmniPage.Bundle.Extended pack which can be manually installed afterward and it adds extra languages.

If you want access to other languages, then please install the Extended package by following the next steps:

  1. Click on the Manage Packages option.
  2. Search for the OmniPage package.
  3. You can see the following activities available: UiPath.OmniPage.Activities which is the standalone package, the UiPath.OmniPage.Bundle package that is already included in the first package, as a dependency, and the UiPath.OmniPage.Bundle.Extended package that includes all the extended languages.
  4. Click on the UiPath.OmniPage.Bundle.Extended package.
  5. Select the desired version and then click on the Save button.

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