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Last updated Jul 15, 2024

ICapabilitiesProvider Interface

Namespace: UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.DataExtraction
Assembly: UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts


An interface that needs to be implemented if the extractor activity can declare its own capabilities (such as the document types the extractor can process and the associated fields it can target, based on its internal taxonomy).


  • ProvidesCapabilities boolean - Returns True if the extractor is able to provide a list of capabilities.
  • GetCapabilities System.Threading.Tasks.Task<UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.DataExtraction.ExtractorDocumentTypeCapabilities[]> - A method that gets a list of fields the extractor is capable of extracting for each document type. This method will only be called at design time, and as such, it should not use any InArgument(s).
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