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Last updated Jun 6, 2024


Namespace: UiPath.OCR.Contracts.Scrape
Assembly: UiPath.OCR.Contracts


The user control is shown to the user when the owning OCRScrapeBase is selected for scraping.
  • CreateOcrEngineActivity(System.Activities.InArgument<System.Drawing.Image>) - Returns a new OCR Activity object with the specified Image set as an InArgument.
  • GetScrapeControl() - Gets the control that is shown on the screen.
  • GetScrapeControl(UiPath.OCR.Contracts.Scrape.ScrapeEngineUsages) - Returns the UserControl that can be used to configure this OCR engine.
  • ScrapeEngineBase() - Activity constructor.
  • ScrapeOCRAsync(System.Drawing.Bitmap) - Asynchronously performs OCR on the specified Image.
  • ScrapeOCRAsync(System.Drawing.Bitmap, UiPath.OCR.Contracts.Scrape.ScrapeEngineUsages, System.Threading.CancellationToken) - Asynchronously performs OCR on the specified Image. Can be canceled. Allows the caller to specify whether the OCR should be performed in Screen or Document mode.
  • Name - Custom display name given to this OCR. This name is visible in certain drop-down controls.
  • Priority - Custom priority is given to this OCR. Lower values indicate higher priority. This determines the ordering of OCR engines in certain drop-down controls.
  • Usage - Indicates context-specific OCR engine behavior: Screen or Document OCR.
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