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This activity requires Studio v2019.10 or higher to function properly.

Retrieves ML Skills available in the AI Fabric service and requests them. Authenticates under the robot which executes the ML Skill.



  • ContinueOnError - Specifies if the automation should continue even when the activity throws an error. This field only supports Boolean values (True, False). The default value is False. As a result, if the field is blank and an error is thrown, the execution of the project stops. If the value is set to True, the execution of the project continues regardless of any error.


If this activity is included in Try Catch and the value of the ContinueOnError property is True, no error is caught when the project is executed.

  • DelayAfter - Delay time (in milliseconds) after executing the activity.
  • DelayBefore - Delay time (in milliseconds) before the activity begins performing any operations.
  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity.
  • NumberOfRetries - The maximum number of attempts to execute the ML Skill request. This field supports only Int32 variables.
  • TimeoutMS - Specifies the amount of time (in milliseconds) to wait for the activity to run before an error is thrown. The default value is 30000 milliseconds (30 seconds).


  • Item - The input string that is sent alongside the ML Skill request. This field supports only strings and String variables.


  • Private - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.


  • Headers - The headers returned by the ML Skill request.
  • JSONResponse - The JSON response returned by the ML Skill request.
  • StatusCode - The Status Code returned by the ML Skill request.

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ML Skill

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