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About the Document Understanding OCR Local Server Pack

The UiPath.DocumentUnderstanding.OCR.LocalServer.Activities package contains no activities, but once installed in a project, it enables you to use UiPath Document OCR running locally on the robot machine.

You can install the package via Manager Packages in Studio.
Install a Package

Once this package is installed, the UiPath Document OCR -Preview activity can be configured via the UseLocalServer property to use this local server. This allows you to run UiPath Document OCR right on the robot as part of a Studio workflow without calling out to an API or a service.

Key features

  • Ease of use - you don't need to be concerned about having an Automation Cloud account, an API Key, a URL, or about the internet network connection

  • It does not require additional infrastructure - you do not depend on AI Center, on an On-Prem server, or some additional hardware to provision, so you can use Document Understanding directly on the machine that is installed on, without requiring other external resources

  • It allows you to scale your automation by adding robots - when the OCR runs server-side you have to scale the server, so you add more CPUs, more GPUs, more nodes, etc., whereas if the OCR runs in the robot you just add more robots and process more documents

    This is particularly important because the OCR is very often the resource bottleneck in document processing workflows as it is the most compute-intensive step, much more than the document extraction itself because the document extraction works on the output of the OCR which is just text, whereas the OCR operates on the pixels of the image.

Differences compared to service deployment

  • The Local Server speed depends on Robot machine capabilities
  • There may be small differences between OCR results using UseLocalServer and results using the cloud endpoint ( or On-Premises docker based deployments

Hardware requirements

  • LocalServer requires CPU supporting AVX2 instruction set
  • We recommend using LocalServer on machines with CPUs with at least 4 cores

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About the Document Understanding OCR Local Server Pack

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