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Managing Word Templates

You can export your workflow diagram in a Word format and create a Process Definition Document (PDD) using customized Word templates available in File > Export > Word Document > Template View. To manage these templates use the below options:

If the needed template is already imported, it should be displayed in Template View. Select it. The selected template has a blue frame around it (1), and its name is indicated at the top of the panel. (2).

Hover over the selected template. The below options are displayed:

Editing a Template

Besides managing existent templates in Task Capture, you can create your own template and use it for exporting PDDs by Customizing the Word template.
You can adjust the design and structure according to your branding and needs from a default template. This way it's easier to be sure you added all the needed placeholders.



Default templates cannot be edited. If you try to do so, a copy of it is generated, enabling you to edit the copy.

Renaming a Template

  1. Hover over the template and click the Rename Template icon.



The Rename option is not available for the default template.

  1. Type in the new name and click Save.

Exporting a Template

  1. To share your template with your teammates hover over the template and click the Export Template icon.
  1. The Save as pop up is displayed. Select the location and, if needed, update the File name.
  2. Click Save.
  1. The document is saved in .ssword format.

Importing a Template

  1. Access the Template View tab.
  2. Click Import Template or the + icon inside.
  1. Choose the file (1) and click Open (2).



The Word template has to have a .ssword extension. In case you try to import an invalid template, an error message is displayed guiding you to troubleshoot the template using the information from the Troubleshooting guide or contact our technical support.

  1. The template is imported to Task Capture and can be selected for exporting your workflow diagram in a PDD.

Deleting a Template



Default templates cannot be deleted.

  1. Hover over the template and click the Delete Template icon.
  1. Confirm your action.

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Managing Word Templates

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