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Main Workflow

To start capturing your processes and document your automation ideas, select one of the three available options:

  1. Create Diagram - create your own workflow diagram with all the necessary actions, then use Task Capture to take screenshots for each action and automatically capture the required data.
  2. Capture Process - run through the process while the tool automatically captures your actions, takes a screenshot with each mouse click, and builds a workflow diagram based on the collected data.
  3. Open file from PC - open saved files created with Task Capture if you need to apply any updates. You can open .ssp or .ssg file formats.


If during the creation/capturing process, you update the language, only the actions recorded after the new language is setup the will be displayed in the respective language.

Find below details about each option:

Create Diagram

Click Create Diagram to build your own diagram and capture the required actions.
Choose this option in case:

  • you know the high-level process overview
  • you want to create the workflow diagram first and then fill it in with the captured actions

Building Your own Workflow Diagram from Scratch

To create the structure of your process and define the specific actions to perform it follow the below information:

  1. The Start action is already added. Hover the mouse over it.
  2. Click the plus (+) sign corresponding to the place where you want to add the next action.
  3. Select the next action type. The available options are:
    • Sequence
    • Decision
    • End
      Additionally, you have the option to:
    • Add an Arrow
    • Initiate the capture action
  4. Double click its name to customize it.

Capturing your Actions for Each Diagram Block

After you're done with creating the workflow diagram, follow the below information to add the relevant actions to the Sequences:
You can also capture sequence from the Sequence Editor. To do this, click the Capture Sequence icon on the menu that appears when you hover over the Plus sign.

  1. For each Sequence type action click Capture Action Now in order to initiate the capturing process.
  2. The capturing widget is displayed. For details about it check the Execute the Process section mentioned below.

The tool creates a screenshot for every mouse click and gets the smart metadata for each particular action. For details about the Sequence information access the Viewing and Editing a Sequence section.

Capture Process

Choose this option in case you want to record the whole process step by step in a linear way.

1. Executing the Process

Execute the process you want to automate, while the tool takes screenshots and collects smart data with every mouse click.
Once you click Capture Process, the capturing widget is displayed. It indicates the capture progress, presenting the number of captured actions and the associated screenshots. The below options are available:

  • Pause the capturing process. This helps you avoid irrelevant data.
  • Finish the documentation process.

2. Getting a Detailed Workflow Diagram

As a result of the capturing process, a comprehensive diagram illustrating the workflow of the procedure is displayed.
Each workflow is composed of a number of Sequences linked between a Start node and an End action. For details about the Sequence information access the Viewing and Editing a Sequence section.

To edit the workflow's properties, save, export, or apply branding updates click File. Open the File Option chapter for details about each option.

Open File from PC

Reuse previously created files and update them as needed. To do this follow the below steps:

  1. Click File from PC.
  2. The Open a Process Document pop-up page is displayed. Select a file created wit Task capture.
  3. Click Open.
  4. The process is displayed in the tool where you can edit it.

This option is often used within the team as it enables employee cooperation. Files can be shared in order for each team member to add or update the information.

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Main Workflow

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