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Main Workflow

Task Capture is a very easy to use tool that allows you to capture your process, edit it, and export it as a PDD document to several platforms or to your PC. There are many options that allow you to customize the capturing method, edit the captured information, and enhance the PDD according to your needs.

Recording the Process

To start capturing your processes the below options are available:

  1. Create Diagram - create your own workflow diagram with all the necessary actions, then use Task Capture to take screenshots for each action and automatically capture the required data.
  2. Capture Process - run through the process while the tool automatically captures your actions, takes a screenshot with each mouse click, and builds a workflow diagram based on the collected data.
  3. Open file from PC - open saved files created with Task Capture if you need to apply any updates. You can open .ssp or .ssg file formats.

The capturing widget allows you to capture the process. This is displayed once you click the Capture Process option. The below options are available:

  1. Pause the capturing process. This helps you avoid irrelevant data.
  2. Finish the documentation process.

It also displays the number of actions captured and the number of remaining actions until the 500 actions limitation is reached.

Editing the Captured Process

As a result of the capturing process, a comprehensive diagram illustrating the workflow of the procedure is displayed. Each workflow is composed of a number of Sequences linked between a Start node and an End action. For details about the Sequence information access the Viewing and Editing a Sequence section.

To edit the workflow's properties, save, export, or apply branding updates click File. Check out the File Option chapter for details about each option.

Appling a Template to the PDD

Several templates can be applied to the process. You can choose to use the default ones available in Task Capture or customized ones specific to your company's needs.

Exporting the Process

The captured process can then be exported in various formats and environments:

  1. Word Document
  2. XAML file
  3. ZIP file containing the recorded .ssp, .docx, .xaml and .jpg files in Automation Hub
  4. The recorded .docx and .jpg in Test Manager

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Main Workflow

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