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UiPath Task Capture is a process discovery tool that helps you get detailed insights about your day-to-day processes and identify automation candidates directly from your employees.

Once you identify potential automation candidates, your Subject Matter Experts can provide their expertise about the particular task, and help you maximize ROI from RPA.

Quick Overview

The installation process can be made, depending on each customer need through two different installer file types:

  • the TaskCapture.exe used to install Task Capture per-user
  • the TaskCapture.msi used to install Task Capture per-machine

Task Capture provides you 2 options for creating documentation:

  • by building the process map from scratch and then capturing actions for each part of your process;
  • by recording the actions as you perform them and automatically generating a comprehensive workflow diagram including the details about each step.

Keep in mind that the tool takes screenshots with every mouse click & keyboard inputs, and collects smart data about the process statistics (execution time, number of actions, text entries, etc.). You can edit and annotate each screenshot and add information for each step.

As a result of your efforts, you with the use of Task Capture you can present the documentation in Microsoft Word format as an insightful Process Definition Document (PDD) and use it within your team.

Export the collected information to a great range of platforms that integrate with Task Capture. Some of them are listed below:

  • in Automation Hub you can use Task Capture to document your automation ideas and bring them one step further to being automated
  • in Test Manager you can document the Manual Test Cases easily, using Task Capture
  • in UiPath Studio you can export the recorded process as a workflow template (.xaml format) and start developing your automation using it as a skeleton.


  1. Data-driven approach– the app gathers the data required to identify automation opportunities and compile ROI assessment information from your Subject Matter Experts.
  2. Eliminate manual work – capture automatically and in the background the details for each step.
  3. Generate the necessary RPA documentation – based on the collected information, the app generates ready-made PDDs and automation prototypes.
  4. Flexibility – the tool works across the entire UiPath Platform and is a perfect fit for either top-down or bottom-up automation strategy.



Check out the Task Capture presentation page where you can find a demo video of the tool as well as the Try it free option that allows you to onbord this experience.

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