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Importing and Editing a XAML File - Preview

Start using the Import XML File option by following the steps below:

  1. Download one of the below installer file.
    :white-check-mark: Please find the latest .exe as well as the .msi installation files in this forum post.
  2. Select the Community Edition activation option. This is used to register using a free Community license. The license is valid for a limited period of time but it can be renewed. Check this page for step-by-step details.
    :exclamation: In case the activation window pops up, please check this section to find out more about the activation options available for Task Capture.
  3. Once the Start screen is displayed, choose the Open File from PC option.
  4. The Open a Process Document pop-up page is displayed. Select the .xaml file.
  5. Click Open.



Task Capture does not support all the activities available in UiPath Studio. This is why some of the imported files may look different than you expect. Check out this section for details.

  1. A diagram generated based on the activities of the file is created.



  • In the diagram you can edit the actions, capture more actions, or remove the existing ones as per this page.
  • To see more details about an action select the Sequence it belongs to and double-click any of the actions displayed on the right panel. You are redirected to the Image Editor page where you can see every action description that contains the data extracted from Studio properties.
  1. After completing the diagram editing, access Export & Publish.



The Export to UiPath Studio option is temporarily disabled for the imported XAML files because of the mapping data complexity. If you want to save your progress please save it as a .ssp format by clicking File > Save option.

  1. Choose the Word Document option and generate the PDD of the process.

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Importing and Editing a XAML File - Preview

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