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Import XAML File

The Import XAML allows you to open the robot file created in UiPath Studio and generate the Process Definition Document for the process.

The following Studio workflow type are supported:



If the XAML is created with a different workflow type an error message is displayed.


This type of workflow is the most compatible and gives the most accurate result in Task Capture as the main diagram structure is already defined.

While reading each top-level FlowStep from the .xaml file, all the nested activities are looked up and the activities structures are flattened in order to be placed as a sequence of actions. As soon as the sequence is created, Task Capture attempts to resolve all the references and creates proper links between the flow steps.

:white-check-mark: WorkflowViewStateService is used to mimic the Flowchart view as it was displayed in Studio.


For this type of workflow, Task Capture analyses the .xaml file in order to create as many sequences as possible. The result is a straightforward set of sequences.


For this type of workflow, two diagram elements are created for each State node: Sequence and Business Rule. This is caused by the fact that Task Capture doesn’t allow for Sequences to have multiple outcome links.

The Sequence elements contain all the activities available in the State. The next linked Business Rule contains the combined reasons in its title and connects to other States through decision branches.

Supported Activities

The following activity packages are parsed as actions by Task Capture:

The following Studios activity types can be matched:

  • Click / Double Click
  • Type Into
  • Send Hotkey
  • Log Message

Usage Specifications

  • Not all the activities available in Studio can be replicated.
    • For each activity that cannot be replicated, an empty action is created in the Task Capture workflow. All the XAML attributes from the activity markup are placed as a key-value pair into the action’s description.
  • Apart from this the following limitations need to be taken into account:
    • Backward XAML file compatibility;
    • The inaccuracy of view states;
    • Nested activities are flattened.
  • The starting point for the file processing made by Task Capture is checking the first child of the root element in the document. This element should be one of the Flowchart, Sequence, StateMachine.

This process can be applied to the listing during the curation process, no extra time is necessary.

:books: Check out the Importing and Editing a XAML File page and find out how to import, edit and create PDD documentation by using a .xaml file.

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Import XAML File

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