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To export your workflow diagram as a XAML robot prototype and continue implementing it directly in UiPath StudioX access File > Export and select UiPath StudioX.


The Save as XAML pop-up is displayed. Select the location and the file name, and Save the document to your PC.



The default File name has the following format: Day Month at Hour when the workflow was saved.


:information-source: It's recommended to choose a new folder when saving a XAML project file. Saving in a folder where another project already exists can create compatibility issues. You can choose to export in the current folder or pick another folder, using the dialog box.


A confirmation message is displayed once the XAML file is downloaded. You have the following options:

  • Copy path - copy the location path of the XAML file.
  • Open file - open the XAML file as a new project in UiPath StudioX.

Project Display in UiPath StudioX



It can take up to 2 minutes for UiPath StudioX to open and load the information.

The XAML file is opened as a new Project and the sequences are mapped into Use Application/Browser activities from the Resources menu.



Task Capture supports four types of input: Type Into, Click , Double Click and Send Hotkey.
For Type Into, Task Capture saves only the first key input and exports it to Studio.

Click on each action, to see its Properties displayed on the right-hand side of the page.


Continue your design and implement your automation in UiPath StudioX. For more details on working with UiPath StudioX, please check the UiPath StudioX Guide

PII Masking

Task Capture detects the pattern of the typed keystroke and masks sensitive information (, names, email addresses, etc) with the * symbol and for numeric inputs (phone numbers, dates, etc) with 99999. It's recommended to verify the activities in your exported to Studio projects.

StudioX compatibility issues

Exporting to a folder in which there's an existing StudioX project, or a project exists in any of the parent folders can create confusion and StudioX might pick up the initial project.json file and the corresponding dependencies which might be different than those needed by Task Capture exported XAML file. This causes errors when opening the Task Capture exported XAML file in StudioX.

:information-source: It's recommended to choose a new folder when saving a XAML project file to avoid compatibility issues. In the pop-up window, you can choose to export to the current folder or pick another folder, using the dialog box.


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