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The Task Capture Guide

Capturing the Process

To start capturing your processes and document your automation ideas, select one of the three available options:

  1. Create Diagram - create your own workflow diagram with all the necessary actions, then use Task Capture to take screenshots for each action and automatically capture the required data.
  2. Capture Process - run through the process while the tool automatically captures your actions, takes a screenshot with each mouse click and builds a workflow diagram based on the collected data.
  3. Open file from PC - open saved files created with Task Capture if you need to apply any updates. You can open .ssp or .ssg file formats.

The number of captured actions in a process document impacts the performance of the application, including work with the Diagram Editor, Image Editor, exporting options, as well as the Process Definition Document. That is why the number of captured actions is now limited to 500 actions per Document.

As soon as this limit is bypassed a pop-up message is displayed. You have the option to continue the documentation process regardless of the limitation or to stop the capturing process for the current document and create a new document.

If during the creation/capturing process, you update the language, only the actions recorded after the new language is setup the will be displayed in the respective language.

Task Capture doesn’t define the keyboard input, so sensitive data can be recorded. This data can be manually removed by accessing the Step Description field of the step where it was captured and deleted.

A pop-up notification informing you about this behavior is displayed at the beginning of the capturing process.

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Capturing the Process

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