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Capture Process

Record the whole process step by step in a linear way

Click Capture Process to capture the actions of the process as you perform it and let Task Capture create the process diagram automatically. Then you can review and enhance the recorded documentation.

Choose this option in case:

  • you want to automatically record the whole process step by step in a linear way
  • the process is straightforward and doesn't include many actions or branching scenarios

Executing the Process

Execute the process you want to automate, while the tool takes screenshots and collects smart data with every mouse click.

Once you click Capture Process, the capturing widget is displayed. It indicates the capture progress, presenting the number of captured actions and the number of remaining actions until the 500 actions limitation is reached. Please check the Action Limitation section for details about this feature.
As soon as the widget is displayed a Start Capture button is made available allowing you to control the beginning of the capturing process.
Before you hit the Start button, we recommend you prepare all the relevant applications used to perform the process.

Once you click Start Capture the capturing begins and the following management options are displayed:

  1. Pause: allowing you to avoid irrelevant data.
  2. Stop: allowing you to finish the documentation process.
  3. Add title: allowing you to add a relevant title to each action you capture.
  4. Add description: allowing you to add a relevant description to each action you capture.


Capturing Settings

By default, Task Capture generates screenshots for every action you perform - mouse clicks, keyboard inputs, and hotkeys. You can specify the actions you want to record in the Capturing Settings page

Getting a Detailed Workflow Diagram

As a result of the capturing process, a comprehensive diagram illustrating the workflow of the procedure is displayed.

Each workflow is composed of a number of Sequences linked between a Start node and an End action. The name of each Sequence is generated automatically based on the name of the captured applications' windows. For details about the Sequence information access the Viewing and Editing a Sequence section.

To edit the workflow's properties, save or export click File. Open the File Option chapter for details about each option.

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Capture Process

Record the whole process step by step in a linear way

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