Task Capture
Task Capture
Last updated 13 de mai de 2024


Addendum: 11 March 2024

Mainstream support for Task Capture 2022.4 is extended by 12 months until 9 May 2025.

9 May 2022


  • Using UiPath® StudioX Export feature you can combine both documentation and preparation of automation for UiPath® StudioX for Citizen Developers to accelerate the implementation of automation and reduce time spent on documenting the processes.
  • Support of the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) elements lets you build the BPMN process maps in Task Capture by easily adding them to the diagram using the new elements panel on the left side of Diagram Editor. Besides, you can change the types of diagram elements to build the process map according to the BPMN standard rules. Importing .bpmn files is also possible allowing you to reuse already created process maps.
  • You can build the exception scenarios on the process map by leveraging Error events in Diagram Editor. You can add events for exception flows to the diagram elements of Sequence type elements (Sequence, Task, Transaction, Call Activity) using right-click context menu - Attach border event option to differentiate the exceptions both on the process diagram and in the exported files.
  • You can install and use UiPath® extensions to improve the precision of captured selectors depending on your needs for further automation in Studio/StudioX. The extensions are available for different browsers, virtual desktops and clients, and also Java-based applications.


  • Using the Elements Panel is the new way of adding swimlanes. Adding them via right-click context menu on Diagram Editor and from the Edit menu is no longer possible.
  • The default Word Templates are enhanced with a new section for Exception Handling. If the current template used doesn't include this section, you'll be informed on how to add it manually.
  • The success message after deleting an action is now removed.
  • You can create a new action from the image for Empty Sequence
  • Improved the quality of exported XAML files by adding more UiPath® Studio enhancements and activity mapping improvements.
  • Sequences can be renamed, by hovering over the title, from the properties tab.
  • Interface improvements for action titles and descriptions fields.
  • Selecting a folder for exporting the XAML file (Studio/StudioX) in which the Studio/StudioX project already exists triggers a pop-up warning informing you about possible compatibility issues.

Fixed bugs

  • Action and properties tab weren't fully visible when text size was more than 150%.
  • Start capturing button wasn't visible when text size was more than 150%.
  • Screenshots were displayed in the wrong order after stopping capturing if captured by keyboard using the Space button.
  • After canceling an export, the Completed pop-up windows was appearing.
  • Copy and paste weren't working properly from sequence title to action description.
  • Automatically recognized text under the clicked area wasn't added to action after changing capturing mode to keyboard.
  • Optical character recognition system recognized wrong texts under the clicked area when using mouse clicks.
  • In high DPI mode, screenshots for some applications were corrupted with black zones.
  • Recording wasn't working properly on Citrix environments.
  • Renaming a template title caused the template to be shown as first in the list, instead of being sorted by creation date.
  • Drawings added to actions were not saved when action was saved as an image locally.
  • Sign out button was not responsive if Task Capture was opened from UiPath® Automation Hub or UiPath® Task Mining.
  • An unwanted arrow was appearing after deleting a sequence.
  • Fixed localization issues.
  • Addendum: 11 March 2024
  • 9 May 2022
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  • Improvements
  • Fixed bugs

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