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Last updated 16 de mai de 2024

Viewing the run history of your automations

If you want to know whether previous runs completed successfully or you need to investigate potential issues, go to the Runs page to view a history of previous runs for published automations.

To view the runs for a specific automation, click Process Name on the upper left side of the page, and then select or search for the automation.

For each run, you can view the automation name, the run status (Successful, Faulted, Running, Pending, or Stopping), and when the run was last started.

For automations that contain web browser interactions using UI Automation activities, you can select Play recording to watch a recording of the actions performed by the robot. This feature is available only if live streaming is enabled for the process in Orchestrator.

Additional tools are available in the menu on the right side of each run:

  • View details - View information about the job, such as the job status, input and output.
  • Stop - Stop the automation. Available when the run status is pending or running.
  • Restart - Run the automation again.

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