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Last updated 2023年9月19日

Publish Settings

As an Automation Hub user with Publishing rights, you will have available options to manage the Automations that are already Published to the Automation Store.

After an Automation is published to the store, you can opt to modify the existing package that was associated with it or unpublish it completely from the store.

Changing the Automation Package

Publish a New Version

The Publish Settings option will only appear for Automations that are already published to the Store.

The below steps will showcase how to change the existing package associated with an Automation from the Store:

You can select to update the package by using another one from the existing packages attached to the Automation or you can upload an entirely new package.

Now click Save to re-publish the Automation.


The following actions will happen in the Automation Store for all the users that have already installed the automation:

  • The GET button will be re-enabled, and users will be able to install the updated version;
  • A notification is sent to inform users that the Automation is now updated.

In order to get the new Automation, users will have to come back to the Automation Store and click the GET button.

Users that have not installed the Automation are not affected by the saved changes.

Unpublish Automation

The unpublish button will trigger the following events for the Automation:

  • The Automation will not appear in the Automation Store anymore.
  • On the Automation Profile, the Publish Settings button will become Publish again, thus the Automation can be published again to the store.
  • All the users that already installed the automation will not be affected:

    • They will still see the automation in their Orchestrator and UiPath Assistant.
    • It will not be deleted automatically - they will have to delete it manually from Orchestrator and Assistant.

Users that have not installed the automation yet, will not be affected in any way.

  • Changing the Automation Package
  • Publish a New Version
  • Unpublish Automation

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